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Original Discussion Board Post 3

I’m working on a health & medical Discussion and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Draft an original Discussion board post to the following question:

Topic: Privacy, Security, and Quality Standards in Informatics

Research what federal and state collaboration efforts (if any) exist for the state in which you live and/or practice(FLORIDA). Does your state currently participate in Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration (HISPC)? If not, are there plans to become involved in this partnership? Finally, why is this collaboration important? Information should be available through your state’s Department of Health or at the HealthIT.gov page on HISPC.ion: Here are key tips when writing a discussion board post provided by the instructor:

Hello, all,

I wanted to bring some little things to light to help increase your score:

1. Integrating biblical references is not adding a scripture at the end of the assignment. You are to find a biblical reference that correlates to the topic and integrate that into the conversation.

2. APA formatting: Using headers are part of APA and it helps me identify topics, in-text citation needs to be reviewed, if you need to upload a Word document to show your format I urge you to do so, and peer reviews are to be in APA formatting as well.

3. Spelling/Grammar: please refer to the tools I posted in week 1 for assistance.

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