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Pain Discussion

Managing pain is a common goal when working in the Healthcare setting. Pain Management is an area that nurses and doctors as well as other healthcare professionals can receive specialized training and certification. In our Case Study this week the woman talks about the pain she experienced after knee replacement surgery. I would like you to participate in two activities to familiarize yourself with the concepts and terms related to pain.

  1. Watch the video in the YouTube Link below:

https://youtu.be/gy5yKbduGkc Chronic Pain – 5:00 minutes

  1. Take this quiz to TEST your knowledge on the concept of Pain. You may take the QUIZ as many times as you like. Make sure and read the explanations after each question. When you are finished, send me a screenshot of your score in a CANVAS Message or if you are not able to do that you may simply send me your score.

* DIRECTIONS: for How to do a screenshot for your quiz score.

On a PC keyboard you can hit the PrintScreen button. This takes a copy of the screen they are viewing. Next, open a word document and right-click on the document and select paste. The copied screen will be visible on the Word doc. Save the document.

On a MAC keyboard you hit Command, Shift, and 4, then highlight the section you want to take a picture then release keys and picture will be on Desktop. Then you can insert or attach the screenshot into the Canvas message.

Below is the link to the QUIZ:


DISCUSSION QUESTION: When watching the video and taking the quiz, what were the things you found most interesting about the concept of pain? Share two of your insights in your post.

Then write out 3 medical terms that relate to pain with their definition.

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