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Paper About Point Of Contention In Do 12 Step Programs Really Work With The Articles Provided

point of contention about “Do 12-step programs really work”

Select 4peer-reviewed journal articles (you may use more); two should be in support ofthe point and two should be opposed to the point. Write a paper where youpresent the point of contention and then provide arguments both in favor of andopposed to the point, with evidence from the articles you selected.

I’ll provide you with articles

For now I have 3 articles in support. You can use all of the or choose two of them. It’s totally up to you.

For against I have 1 for now. I’ll have the other one ready before tomorrow. I believe you can still start working on paper.

It’s the final paper and 20% of grade so it’s really important to have a great paper. Hopefully we can do something great.

Please dont use outside articles and focus on what’s provided

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