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1 050 To 1400 Paper

What was the apparent cause of the violation of trust by the public official?

  • How was the breach of trust discovered?
  • Describe the various legal means used to hold the administrative agency accountable. Were the various common laws and statutory laws for holding the administrative agency accountable sufficient? Contrast the effectiveness of the common law with the statutory sources of review authority. What managerial, political, or legal challenges were involved in holding the administrative agency accountable?
  • How was the issue resolved?
  • Do you think the resolution was the best one possible? Why or why not?
  • In what way are public administrators bound by both individual ethics and office ethics? In what ways might these ethical frameworks overlap? In what ways might they diverge? What implications might this divergence have on public administrator accountability?
  • How has this case shaped the future of local, state, and federal administration law in the United States?

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