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1 17 Rhetorical Analysis Chart 2

I’m working on a english multi-part question and need an explanation to help me study.

Please fill out this chart based on one of the four articles you were asked to read this week. Use the Rhetorical Analysis packet to help guide you, referring back to it often while and after you read. You can download this chart and save it to your home computer, your Google Drive, or a flash drive. Just be sure that you are not submitting a blank chart and that you save your work. Because some graphics and charts do not display on Canvas correctly using Word, you must submit this assignment as a PDF. If you are using Word, simply re-save the document as a PDF before uploading. If using Google Drive, export the document as a PDF before uploading. Your score for this assignment will be credit/no-credit based on completion, so give it your best effort. Even if you aren’t sure about a category, include an example and explanation. I will provide feedback for you. For each blank in the chart, include examples with page numbers from the article.

This exercise will directly prepare you to write Essay #1 by providing you some practice and feedback while also introducing you to the value of comics, so the more effort you put into it, the easier that writing process will be. For Essay #1, you will be applying these concepts to a graphic novel.

Please note that I have included a student sample based on a different article below the template so you can see the level of detail I am looking for.

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