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1 2 Pages Lab Report

Lab Exercise Questions

I’m working on a Biology question and need guidance to help me study.

Hello, I need help with my biology Lab assignment, below I will post what the professor asked of us. There will be 2 documents attached that are needed to complete this.

Complete procedure 1.1 – An informed choice and its validation

In this exercise, creative scenarios will need to be developed to start the process of data collection and choice determination. Given that groups may not be available to work for this one session you will need to complete the exercise on your own. Over on page 3 at the end of the investigative scenarios, a set of questions must be addressed. (9 questions). Please remember that you MUST read and Understand the definition of each bolded term in pages 1 and 2 before attesting to answer these questions.

Complete Procedure 1.2 – Presentation of data

In this section you will determine the possibility of a pattern or trend within a given data set. Read pages 4 and 5 carefully. Table 1.1 will have a data set that you need to graph. You can use a Cartesian grid paper (attached below) or a computer with graphing software such as Excel. Tables 1.1 and tables 1.2 must be graphed. I would suggest you to use a graph paper given that the instructions on the lab manual explain in detail how to use it and draw the best fit lines. Following the graphing of both data sets complete the 6 questions on page 6. YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR GRAPHS EITHER WITHIN THE WORD DOCUMENT OR AS AN ADDITIONAL EXCEL FILE. Remember to label each component on the graph to make it a clear and evident as possible. DO NOT COMPLETE 1.2B

You will submit all your assignments via a word document that must present the following.


Name:_______ Lab section_______. Date of submission______

Lab Exercise number and title: _____________

Procedure #:

Experimental procedure (description, setup components, creative scenario setup). You must describe what type of experimental setup you are building.

For example: for exercise 1, the procedure is to choose vacation destination (5 places)

—create 5 columns each with a destination:

—create a set of rows that will point at the justification of each place (Example: 1 row for cost, another for distance, another for climate, etc.)

—Record your predictions and conclusions

—Solve the questions at the end of the procedure.

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