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choose ONE of the questions below to answer. Answer the question you chose in a response that is a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs.

  1. Art has been defined as representation, expression, and formalism. Briefly describe these. Is it plausible that art is correctly characterized by just one of these three?
  2. Does an art object have to serve a function to be art? Are art objects valuable in themselves, without any functions? Explain.
  3. What is Arthur Danto’s institutional theory of art? Evaluate the criticism of it that if people in the artworld define what is and is not art, then there seems to be no way for the decision-makers to decide among themselves what is art. Is this a fair criticism? Why or why not?
  4. According to Aristotle, what emotions should a tragedy evoke? What is the point of evoking them?
  5. Explain Hume’s view on art and the standard of taste. Do you agree with Hume that some people are more keenly attuned to art objects and that their aesthetic sensibilities are more “delicate”? Or, is he just being a snob?
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