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1 3 Assignment Curricular Structures Essay

Your initial assignment is to create a reflective essay based in part on course readings, discussion, and your experiences as an educator. The central topic of your first essay is the nature of the elementary curriculum and the current curriculum structures used by your school. As you look at the guiding questions, you will be asked to assess the effectiveness of those structures and to consider if other alternative structures might be a better alternative for your school. Try to blend the class lecture, the readings, and your experience into an answer.

Outcomes Addressed:

1. Describe current and alternative concepts of K- 6 curricular design

2. Compare concepts of curriculum design to their current beliefs and practices

I currently teach 5th grade ELA. Over the last 6 years, I have been teaching in the K-6 grade setting (3rd-5th grade ELA).

I teach in Mississippi (Hinds County, Hinds County School District). This will be my second year in this district. For reading, we use Ready and iReady provided by Curriculum associates and Journeys, ReadWorks, and CommonLit as supplementary resources.

Apa format 7th edition

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