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1 3 Assignment Homework Problems

  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. In your textbook, Essential Statistics, review:
    1. Chapter 1, “Introduction to Statistics”
    2. Chapter 2, “Exploring Data with Tables and Graphs”
  3. Watch the following videos explaining the Excel skills you will need to complete the problems. Note that the version of Excel presented in the video may differ from the one you are using.
    1. “Pivot Table”
    2. “Relative Frequency Using Excel”
    3. “Histogram in Excel”
    4. “Scatterplot Regression”
    5. “Time Series”
    6. “Pareto Chart”
    7. “Pie Chart Using a Summary Table in Excel”
  4. Complete the 10 problems in the file WS1Homework (Excel). Each problem is on a separate tab (worksheet).
  5. Save your exercises as a single Excel file with one worksheet for each completed exercise. Name the file WS1Homework.xls and title your submission WS1 Homework.
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