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1 4 Assignment Inpatient And Outpatient Services

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Case One: You just received your degree in health administration and would like to pursue a career in hospital management. However, you are not sure what type of hospital would be a good fit for you. Identify and describe three different types of hospitals that are available for you to consider. Based upon your research, select a hospital type for the focus of your job search. Explain why you are choosing this type of hospital.

Case Two: One of your friends was just released from the hospital. During their stay, they received services from a physician who was identified as a “hospitalist”. She was not familiar with this type of specialist and since you are studying health administration, asked you to explain what a “hospitalist” does. Perform an Internet and/or OCLS search on the term “hospitalist”. Define the term and describe their function. Discuss whether there are any current statistics on the use of “hospitalists”.

Case Three: A classmate in your health administration program was just offered a position at an adult day services center. While you are familiar with child day care centers, you are unclear about what happens in an adult day services center. Perform an Internet and/or OCLS search on adult day service centers. Describe the types of services they provide and why an individual might receive care in this mode of healthcare delivery.

  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. For this assignment, choose TWO of the three cases described above and complete the identified activity.
  3. Read Chapter 5 of Basics of the U.S. Health Care System.
  4. Identify your TWO chosen cases.
  5. Complete the activity as described in the cases.
  6. Formulate a case response for each of your identified cases.
    1. Case responses should be 1 – 2 pages in length for a total of 2 – 4 pages, not including the title page and reference page.
    2. Case responses must address each of the elements described in the activity.
    3. Use headings to clearly identify which case you are addressing. For example, if you choose to complete the first case, you would include a heading title Case One.
    4. The assignment submission must include a title and reference page. APA style formatting is required. Your title page should include your name, course information, and the date of your submission.
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