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1 Market Audit And Strategic Analysis 2 Feasibility Study Based 2

I Failed in this paper and I want it revised according to the teacher’s feedback


1) There are two distinct sections to this final assessment. First is the undertaking of a market audit and strategic analysis. The second follows on and is a feasibility study based on the outcome of said audit. 2) In first part Market audit and strategic analysis on an organisation/brand of own choice. The detailed audit and TOWS should be included in the appendix section while in the main body of the report, write an appraisal based on the findings of the audit. 3) Appraisal should be approximately 500 words and should be based on a summary of audit, highlighting what consider to be the most important issues (internal and external), leading to an identification of the strategic priority to be addressed in feasibility section. 4) The second part is a feasibility study which is built upon the findings of market audit. This requires to continue with review of your chosen organisation/brand and in conjunction with the market audit and strategic analysis assess the feasibility of proposed recommendations. This will require you to have completed a market analysis and identified proposed marketing decisions. You are required to present this as a feasibility report that identifies whether the proposed decisions are desirable. The feasibility should consider both the positive and negative aspects of potential business scenarios that will assist you in selecting a marketing strategy. You are NOT required to write a marketing plan. Assume that you are employed by your chosen organisation/brand and that you have been asked by the marketing team to write a feasibility study to support their development of a marketing strategy and plan. For the purposes of this task you should identify the proposed decisions that will shape your feasibility study. Your feasibility report should include: * The identification of proposed decisions and the feasibility of these decisions from market, customer and economic perspectives. * Identification of the desirability of the proposed decisions and key recommendations to the marketing strategy team.

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