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1 Page Management Assignment Sjx

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Submit a one-page double spaced response to the questions below about both articles, connecting your response to the textbook reading where relevant. Due Thursday, April 8 at 2:45pm.

Carlos Ghosn’s Legacy at Nissan on Trial in Tokyo

How is Carlos Ghosn described as a leader in Chapter 14?

Ghosn is facing serious allegations of misconduct but has not yet been convicted of a crime. How should our textbook publisher handle these references to Ghosn in Ch. 14 in the next edition of the text? Should they remain as written, be removed completely, or be edited in some way? Take a position and provide your reasoning.

Demand for Chief Diversity Officers is High. So is Turnover.

Why are some organizations creating the Chief Diversity Officer (CDOs) role in their organizations? Connect your answer to both the WSJ article and Chapter 14’s discussion of leadership initiatives for achieving cultural diversity.

People attracted to the position of CDO “see themselves as change agents” yet often end up disillusioned, said Pamela Newkirk, author of “Diversity, Inc.: The Failed Promise of a Billion-Dollar Business.” “When they get in these institutions, they can find they don’t have the ability to effect change.” What are some of the likely reasons for the difficulty in effecting real and lasting change?


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