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1 Pager For Human Sexuality Class

I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Using your textbook, sources from the library, the Internet, and/or interviews with people who identify as gay or lesbian, learn as much as you can about the kinds of issues that teenage gays and lesbians face in today’s society. Write a short essay detailing the problems that gay and lesbian teens face in middle school and high school. Make sure to address how many come out in secondary school (0.75 points), what dating is like (0.75 points), and the suicide rate (0.75 points). Please make sure that everything you write is IN YOUR OWN WORDS and please be sure to cite your sources. (0.75 points will be given for proper formatting and academic writing, including page length and proper grammar).


– All assignments should be at least one full page of text, double spaced, with 1” margins all around, and no extra spaces between paragraphs; also, you should use a Sans Serif font (e.g., 11pt Calibri, 11pt Arial, or 10pt Lucida Sans Unicode) or a Serif font (e.g., 12pt Times New Roman, 11pt Georgia, or 10pt Computer Modern).

– Although it is usually good practice to include your name on your assignments, you do not actually need to include your name on these assignments, because – by virtue you submitting your assignment via Canvas – your name will automatically be associated with your assignment. That being said, if you do include identifying information (e.g., your name) directly on your assignment, that identifying information will NOT count toward your 1 page minimum. For example, if you use two lines to write your name and student ID number, then your assignment should end on at least line #2 of page #2 in order to meet the minimum 1-page requirement.

– If the small assignment prompt has several questions for you to answer, it is OK (and perhaps, preferable) for you to write your assignment in a question & answer format (where you write the question from prompt question #1, then write your answer to prompt question #1, then write prompt question #2, and the write your answer to prompt question #2, etc.).

– If you choose to write your assignment in an essay format (as opposed to Q & A format). please be sure to break your writing up into paragraphs.

– Your assignment must be at least one full page long….and it is also perfectly OK if your assignment is more than 1 full page long.

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