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I’m working on a psychology multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Awareness and Peak Performance”

Part 1

  • Read chapters 9 and 10 in your textbook.
  • Then conduct your own research, using at least one other source besides your textbook, on peak performance and how it is achieved.
  • Discuss the psychological attributes and skills needed to successfully function athletically at an optimal level.

Part 2

  • Create a fictitious team, identifying the sport and age group. (You are welcome to use the team you selected last week or create a different one.)
  • Then, from a coaching perspective, describe at least 3 techniques for developing awareness that you would utilize to help your athletes practice this skill and learn to play at peak performance levels.
  • Explain your decision and why you believe it would prove to be effective.

Keep your writing between 1-2 pages.

Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsDiscussed psychological attributes and skills needed for peak performance40Described 3 techniques for developing awareness and how they would be implemented30Included a minimum of 2 sources that are properly cited and referenced.10Grammar, spelling, and correct APA format20Total:100

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