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1 What Are The Audit Procedures For Identifying Contingent Liabilities 1 Mark 2 Discuss The Theories Of Ethical Behavior 1 Mark 3 The Following Four Situations Require A Modification To The Standard Unqu

Assignment Question(s):                                                 (Marks 5)

1.What are the audit procedures for identifying contingent liabilities?              (1 Mark)

2.Discuss the theories of ethical behavior? (1 Mark)

3.The following four situations require a modification to the standard unqualified/unmodified audit report. Identify the modification required for each. (1 Mark)

a.Opinion based in part on the report of another auditor.

b.Going concern.

c.Lack of consistency.

d.Additional emphasis.

4.As an auditor of a reputed company in KSA explain how the Statement of retained earnings and Income Statement are audited. (2 Marks)

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