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1 Writing Assignment For April 4 10 A M

Do you believe that (students will choose one topic):  

  • Patients have the right to die or to commit suicide? 
  • Abortion is ethical? 
  • Medical use of marijuana should be legal? 
  • Patients should always be told the truth? 
  • Severely impaired newborns should be allowed to die? 
  • You should donate your organs after death? 

Following the completion of the above Ethical Two Minute Paper, reflect on your writing, thinking about how morals and values guided your response. Following time to reflect, add a reflection section to your Ethical Two Minute Paper and discuss all of the following: 

1) any morals that guided your thoughts

2) any values that guided your response

3) how moral reasoning guided your response (pages 144-146 in your Black text may help you)

4) how the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nursing  would guide you through this


5) any conflicting feelings you feel regarding the topic you chose

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