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100 Word Summary

Please watch the following video on nuclear fission and fusion


Describe (in ~100 words) something that you found interesting about Nuclear Fission and/or Fusion that you learned from this video. Read your peer’s posts and give a substantial response to at least one person’s post. This discussions is graded for completion only.

After completing this module, please list the following details in this reflection:

  • Three things that you have learned from this lesson or from this text.
  • Two questions that you still have.
  • One aspect of class or the text that you enjoyed.

Can you give a substantial response to at least one person’s post.:

The most interesting part of this episode is the Mass Defect. Our whole lives we have been told that mass will always be the same, if it was one object or two objects. But this definition changes that whole view. The mass of the two objects put together is not equivalent to the sum of each one put together because they lose mass to the surrounding area which in turn holds the two masses together. This development brings everyone to question if this happens with everything or if it only involves those masses of atomic atoms.


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