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11 Multiple Choice Questions About Geology Some Knowledge About Geology

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Question 1

The maximum angle at which a material is stable is called

Angle of Rest

Shear Stress

Shear Strength

Angle of Repose

Question 2

Any amount of water in soil or rock will tend to reduce friction and cause mass movement to occur.Group of answer choices



Question 3

Which of the following will tend to reduce the risk of mass movement?


Added weight to a slope

Large amounts of water in soil


Question 4

Rapid mass movement in which the material is not in contact with the ground is called.





Question 5

Highway roadcuts can lead to mass movement because

weight is removed.

The roadcut is less than the angle of repose

The roadcut increases weight on a slope

The roadcut exceeds the angle of repose

Question 6

Building a house at the top of a steep slope may contribute to mass movement because

of leaking water from domestic uses

all of these answers are correct

the house adds weight to the slope

addition of water from irrigation

Question 7

When a cohesive section of rock slips along a plane, it is called a





Question 8

A chaotic, incoherent movement of soil, rock, trees, and other particles down slope is called a

debris slide

debris fall

debris flow

rock fall

Question 9

Planting vegetation on an unstable slope may help to stabilize the slope because

roots add water to slope

weight is removed

additional weight is added

roots act as an anchor to keep soil in place

Question 10

Evidence for past mass movements includes

slopes free of vegetation

talus at the base of a cliff

all of these answers are correct

tilted tree trunks

Question 11

The downslope pull tending to cause mass movement is called

Shear Strength

Shear stress



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