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12 Pages Including Notes Bibliography And Appendices

I’m working on a political science report and need a sample draft to help me study.

Select a topic:

1. Impediments to Successful Performance Evaluation in the Public Sector

2. Alternate Dispute Resolutions (details the techniques, strengths & weaknesses)

3. Collective bargaining process and reaching a contract

4. Public Sector Unionism (include pros & cons)

The paper will be a research paper, which analyzes concepts or techniques in an area, or a case study, which analyzes the effectiveness of a particular organization’s handling of an activity.

You are to use APA.

Grading Rubric:

(12 pages, including notes, bibliography and appendices).

Introduction and Research question(s) – 25%

Ability to grab reader’s attention

Ability to stay within requirements

Analysis – 50%

Construction of main points

Consideration of counterarguments

Quality of writing

Conclusions – 25%

Organization and scholarliness

Logical flow

Supporting references

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