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1300 Words Assignment

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Week 1 Assignment Project Baseline

Assignment Content


The INDIVIDUAL assignment requires you to create your own Project Management and/or Business document, so DO NOT provide the how and why of theories and/or concepts, i.e. “lesson” YOU WILL LOSE POINTS.

Select one of the following projects for your individual risk management plan you will be creating for your individual assignments.

Please Note that these individual assignments are not a classroom assignment pursue as you are creating an actual Risk Management Plan for an actual project i.e., it is your own work.

Therefore, it is not a research report, and you are not trying to demonstrate your academic expertise, how well you can copy and paste and cite or how well you are read you are to apply what you have learned.

1. Construction of a new 5-story Marriott hotel on the Mission Bay San Diego California. Phase I, the demolition of the existing mobile home park site has been completed with financing and all permits having been secured. YOU are starting Phase two, which is scheduled to start the first Monday of August with the budget set at $500 million dollars and duration of 5 years to grand opening.

Start creating your Risk Management Plan for the project you selected. ThIS IS NOT about theories and concept it is ABOUT YOU creating a risk management plan


1. A minimum of 1300 word business report, that identifies three risk with a high probability of happening that are explicitly correlated to your selected project, with a detailed explanation/justification/reasoning i.e. in your justification explain/cover the what, why, when, where who and how (DO NOT USE THE 5 W’s as an outline you will lose points).

2. An MS-Excel workbook that has your detailed:

3. Weighted Risk Assessment chart

4. Treat weighting Rating Description chart

5. Severity Matrix

YOU CANNOT USE general risk and/or inherent risk:

Weather, funding, environmental, permits, regulations/laws, power outage, materials (shortages or delays), equipment, earthquakes, incompatibility of hardware and software, internet, labor strikes and/or community being against the project, hiring of the right person and/or loss of any key personnel and COVID 19. (it has already happened, so it no longer is a risk)

IF YOU USE any of these you have not complete and/or met the requirements of the assignment thus earning a zero “0”.

YOU CAN relate another risk to a general risk” example: Re: Upgrade POS system; The potential for a weather relate risk of a hurricane is potentially moderate to high meaning that it would be uncommon not to have a hurricane in this geography region. With a hurricane the potential for flooding and power outages is heighten which would correlate to a risk lost data….

Etc. (YOU CANNOT use all or part of this example)

This is YOUR analysis /work, so it is not a series of quotes/citation, theories/concepts and quotes/citation are someone else’s work. Therefore, the only citation should be for statistic or data to support your work

Submit your assignment.

Use this template:

Phinney-Risk Reg.xlsx

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