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15 Apr 2021 Raylene 1617605382 3000 Words 12 Pages 10 Days Business Consulting Mba Mba Merit Australia

15-Apr-2021- Raylene Boulter – 1617605382 – 3000 Words (~12 pages) – 10 Days – BusinessConsulting — MBA – MBA Merit – Australia

The document that is named Capstone Assessment Information.docx has allthe information on the requirements of the assignment. I have attached acopy of the first assessment just for your reference as the capstoneassignment is to build on it with taking a broader view. I haveattached some of the templates that we have worked with for yourreference. Also there is a report format that I will be using when Icomplete the re-write. I have also sent through some resources on thematerial covered in the modules that are referenced to this assignmentin the assessment information document.

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