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150 300 Words Block 2 Art Art As Culture War Battleground

n this block, we have introduced the concept of the Culture War. Art and artists occasionally found that their work contested as one side or another of the political world found fault with the message. This Block we have the following art works to consider: the images from the Week 2 Art Page. In addition to those images, you may also consider any art work that appeared in assigned reading (notably, Meyer Edias well as the political cartoon I used as artwork for the Week 2 Roadmap.

“Read them” by deconstructing and decoding what you think the context might be; what is the author’s message. React to them as much with your emotion as with your intellect. When you’re ready–but BEFORE11:59 pm on Sunday, July 4–please write a post between 150-300 words in the Forum. Please cut and paste the prompt you’re replying to. (Don’t count the prompt in your word count!)

You may react to one of the prompts below; or, you may react to a post one of your classmates has already written; or, you may post on a topic of your choice as long as you are “reading” the art for this week.

PROMPT 1: How did either of the videos assigned this week help you to think about the art assigned for either Block 1 or Block 2?

PROMPT 2: How did the lectures introducing the Culture War help you to (re?)think about the art assigned for Block 2?

PROMPT 3: Which image this week was most shocking to you? Why? Did you find it so shocking that it should become a political issue?

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