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150 Words Write The Initial Plan That Concerns Reviwing Facebook Practices And Deciding The New Law To Deal With Unethical Practices

One of the most important points is compliance with the judiciary, the user‘s ability to remove his data, pledging not to use it after removing it, giving the user the right not to share his data, and providing alternatives to the user if, for example, the source of the website’s income is participation, they give him the option, for example, to pay fees or display advertisements to him, so that he What is deprived of the service due to dissatisfaction with sharing his data, and warning the user when any breach of their information occurs, and these are some policies from some sites. I want you to look at them and take them into account and add them: We are committed to comply with the data protection law, which means that your personal information that we keep must: They are used in a legal, fair and transparent manner and are collected exclusively for the right purposes that we have clarified to you, with an obligation not to exploit them in ways that do not correspond to those purposes. They are used exclusively for those purposes that we have informed you about. Always accurate and up-to-date. They are only kept for as long as necessary to implement the objectives that were shared with you. They are kept safe

I will now provide you with some links in which there are some security and privacy laws. Please read them and benefit from them in revising the work that you wrote.




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