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16 Hour Video Field Experience For Special Needs Students 1

I’m working on a education & teaching report and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

I chose to review the FORT BEND ISD district. Fort bend is a county in Houston, TX. (let me know if you have trouble finding the answers for the first 4 questions of the report in section “I”)

complete 16 field experience hours in a classroom setting which serves SPECIAL NEEDS students. You are also required to write a report/reflection paper on your field observations.

Due to COVID-19, the state is allowing you to fulfill your field hours through electronic means. You will not be required to visit any classrooms in person. Instead, you may may complete your hours by viewing videos (see the list of approved videos in the directions document below).

Report and Reflection

More Reminders and Tips: The report should be in APA format

  • You will need to create a Title page. You may create your own title for this paper, or you may simply use the words “Field Experience Report and Reflection” as your title (bold, centered, with no quotation marks).
  • You do not need to write an author’s note or abstract.
  • You were instructed to label your paper according to the report outline. Please note that outlines are written with Roman numerals; however, in your paper, omit the Roman numerals, and for this paper, center the headings.
  • You will need to create a Reference page. It should be titled References (plural, bold, centered, typed in upper and lower case).
  • Double-space the entire document, including all entries on the Reference page.

you need to answer the following questions for the report (also explained in the attachment) you can find information about FORT BEND ISD districts snapshot from here:


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