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As you learned from this module’s resources, one of the most important steps in a systems planning phase involves analyzing a business case. A business case provides background information on the organization that plans to implement a new system. It often includes an organizational mission statement, a problem statement for the current system, and stakeholder interviews. Analyzing the business case allows an IT project team to develop a system requirements specification (SRS) and an implementation plan that addresses the needs of the business.


Imagine that you are the systems engineer leading a project to implement a new software system for a healthcare organization, Millennia HealthCenter (MHC). In order to plan for the project, you have to better understand the organization and its needs for a new system. Review the following documents to strategize how your team can implement an IT solution:

  • Business case for Millennia HealthCenter
  • Interviews with the stakeholders:
    • Doctor
    • Nurse
    • Business Admin
    • Pharmacist
    • For text versions of these interviews, click here.
  • The workflow of existing system and processes

By thoroughly reviewing these documents, you will have a better idea as to why MHC plans to implement a new system. You will use the information you learned about the organization, its processes, and the users to help you develop an SRS. For the purpose of this activity, you will work on the Introduction section of your SRS for Millennia HealthCenter’s new IT system.

After you have reviewed all of the files:

  • Download the Systems Requirements Specification Template
  • Create the Introduction content, which must include:
    • System purpose
    • System scope
    • System overview
    • System context
    • System functions
    • User characteristics

Guidelines for Submission

  • Upload and submit your template with the Introduction section completed.
    • If you want to get ahead or take notes on the sections after the introduction, you have the option to do so. Only the Introduction section will be graded by your instructor for this activity.
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