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2 4 Course Project Selection Of Aviation Aerospace Organization

In this activity, you must present the type of aviation/aerospace organization of your choice for the course project.

Aviation Organization Initiative

Aerospace Production & Design Organization 

1. Recycling

2. Waste management of hazardous materials (solvents, paint, paint containers, etc.)


1. No plastic initiative

2. Emissions reduction scheme

3. Biofuels for aviation fuels

Aviation Maintenance Organization 

1. Waste management of hazardous materials (paint, paint containers, etc.)

2. Biological wastewater treatment


1. Energy efficiency

2. No plastic Initiative

3. Renewable energy sources for building electricity supply

For your selection:

Describe its location, its operations, and the services offered.

Evaluate why this type of organization must have an environmental sustainability direction.

Research if the organization has already in place an ISO 14001. If there is, provide a summary of your research’s findings. If not, answer to why there should be one in place, describing the environmental benefits for the organization.

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