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Government Web Quest Report

Your job will be to create a political setting for the show and write the first scene of the pilot episode. You will need to start by researching the following forms of government. What are the basic characteristics of each?Which two would be the most likely choices for people starting a whole new government?

  • Democracy
  • Dictatorship
  • Monarchy
  • Oligarchy
  • Republic
  • Totalitarian

Once you’ve learned about all of the possible options for your show to use, you’ll need to create a presentation for the producers. Your presentation will need to include:

  • A graphic organizer comparing the governments you have researched.
  • A scene in which two characters are arguing over the type of government the survivors should choose.The dialogue, or conversation, between the two characters should compare two of the forms of government you researched. At the end of the scene, the two characters need to agree on one government and explain why they believe that government will work.

Make an argument for using each of the two forms of government you are writing about by covering the following:

Find countries in the world today that operate under that form of government and use them as examples in the argument.

Talk about the leadership under that form of government. Who is in control? Why would that kind of leadership help in the situation of the survivors after complete destruction?

Use the principles and ideals that shape the government to build a foundation for your argument.

Go on to the next page for the materials you will need to complete this assignment.

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