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10 Help Me With This I Pay Right Away

Please record your answers for the following questions on “The Elf King”. Write your answers first and make all corrections so that they are edited and make sense. Then record each question followed by the answer. Turn it in according to your teacher’s instructions.

  1. Explain what the point of view in “The Elf King” is. Give several examples that show that the point of view you have chosen is the correct one.
  2. How would this poem be different if the other points of view were used? What effect does the point of view have on the poem?
  3. Explain the personification used in this line, “On the shore, where the blossoms unfold.”
  4. Write an additional verse that could be added to this poem at the end. Include one simile, one metaphor, and one example of alliteration.

Follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment.

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