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10 Help Me With This I Really It Done Man 4 07 6th Grade Math 1

Assignment: Tax and Tip Investigation

Howmuch does it really cost to enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant?

Finda menu from one of your favorite places to eat (you can find a lot ofrestaurant menus online).

Make a list of whatyou would typically order at this restaurant. Be sure to include drinks,appetizers, sides, and desserts if you generally order these things. Next toeach item, write the price that is listed on the menu.

Now add the prices ofall of these items together to get your subtotal:__________________

What is the sales taxin your area? ___________________

Howmuch is the tax on your meal? (If there is no sales tax in your community, usethe tax rate of 8% for this exercise.) ____________

You should leave yourserver an 18% tip. How much should you tip for this meal? _______

What is the totalcost of your meal (with tax and tip)? _________

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