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6 Page Chicago Style Paper

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto (1848)


Write a 6-8 page critical analysis of Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto. Use the questions below to formulate a thesis statement (see Thesis Guide on Blackboard) that organizes and shapes analysis through the essay. Consult related assigned sources and textbook to expand and deepen your analysis. Be sure to support your analysis with abundant textual evidence from the Manifesto and related sources, and to carefully explain your answers. Use only assigned readings: textbook and related primary sources to expand your analysis of the Manifesto, to situate it in its meaningful historical context. This is not a research paper, no outside sources permitted.

Format: Chicago Style. Follow link to Writing Center on Blackboard Course Information Page for instructions. Papers not in Chicago style will not be accepted. Papers without proper citation in footnotes will be given a 0. You must cite all sources, even though they are assigned. Please number your pages and proofread the final draft. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar as well as organization and argument must meet college level writing standards. Consult writing center if you need additional help.


What was Marx and Engels’ main argument in the Communist Manifesto? What insights does this text give us into socio-economic conditions and developments of the time that prompted its writing? What social problems and conditions did they highlight and what did they see as the underlying causes of these conditions? How did history factor into Marx and Engels’ reading of their time and their overarching argument? What was different about the mid-nineteenth century and its social antagonisms compared with earlier times and similar problems? What did they think would come of these conditions, where would it all lead to and why?

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