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An Essay About A History

An essay (8-10 typedpages) will be due the final exam week, for 25% of the overall grade.PLAGIARISM IS PROHIBITED.  If quoting,put quote marks around what you are quoting, and provide author’s name and pagenumbers in parentheses after the quote. BE SURE to have at least 8 full pages; spelling, punctuation,grammar, and clarity of writing will count. TOPIC: (a) Summarize the viewof world history which Marx and Engels present in the Communist Manifesto.  (b) Discuss how this relates to and/orcompares with the material presented in other readings in the course (Brazier; Toropov& Buckles; Crossan; biographies of Jefferson, Lincoln, Churchill and Mao;other material you have found in encyclopedia articles in the library).  (c) In doing this, indicate what you feel arestrengths and/or limitations of the view presented in the Manifesto.  (d) Finally, relate the material you havediscussed, and the conclusions you have drawn to our own time.

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