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An Historical Perspective

Discuss how the history and philosophical foundations of counseling have contributed to current trends and professional issues in clinical mental health counseling. Support your points using readings from the unit and at least one additional peer-reviewed article not found in the unit.

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theprogression of counseling has been great throughout history!Counseling has always been a very noble profession that is directlyconcerned with helping people with problems and psychologicaldifficulties. Over the years, it evolved from a single concept to onewith interdisciplinary bases. Beginning with the simultaneousconcerns of its founders including Frank Parsons, Jesse Be. Davis,and Jane Addams Frank, vocational guidance, character development ofschool children, and mental health treatment became available which,in turn, improved individual lives and society overall. (Historicaland Professional Foundations of Counseling). Each person whocontributed their visions and theories to the field of counselingbuilt a foundation that others used to improve the field over thepast century. This eventually grew into the system that we have todaywhich is ready to handle the concerns of the 21st century. A goodexample is from 1889 when Jane Addams Frank Parsons established theHull House in Chicago which was one of the first establishments toassist individuals in need of counseling. Her philosophy influencedthe social justice movement and the field of counseling even todayover 114 years by providing a foundation for services for people whoare in need of mental health care (Significant Events in theDevelopment of the Counseling Profession). “In addition to thedevelopment of theory and the generation of practical ways of workingwith people, important events in the development of counselinginclude the involvement of the government in counseling during andafter World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and thelaunching of Sputnik” (Historical and Professional Foundationsof Counseling). With as strong foundation provided by the pioneers inthe field, counselors today are ready to deal with the situations ofthe modern world including horrendous violence (such as the eventthat occurred in Fort Hood Texas or Sandy Hook school shootings ),trauma, and crisis. They are equipped with the ability of finding foradditional resources (to help their clients) in the healthcareindustry, knowing how to interact positively with clients, promotingmental health wellness, and advocating social justice to correspondwith client needs.


Historicaland professional foundations of counseling. Received on April 13,,2015:http://www.pearsonhighered.com/assets/hip/us/hip_us_pearsonhighered/samplechapter/013265797X.pdf

SignificantEvents in the Development of the Counseling Profession.docx

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