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Analyze A Single Story Through The Lens Of Two Different Types Of Analysis

1. You have read and annotated one of the following stories from your American Short Stories anthology.

  • The Lottery (135)
  • A&P (259)
  • Miriam (147)
  • The Wooing of Ariadne (299)
  • Where Have You Gone Charming Billy? (337)
  • Everything Stuck to Him (349)

2. You have selected two types of criticism (from the chart above) that you would like to apply to a short analysis of the story you read.

3. Write a one-paragraph (minimum 12 sentences) analysis of the story for each of the two types of criticism you selected. For each paragraph, include:

  • A hook.
  • A brief summary.
  • An arguable thesis related to the type of criticism and the theme of the story.
  • At least 2 embedded/direct quotations from the text that support your thesis with a lead in and commentary for each.
  • A thesis echo.
  • A clincher.

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