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Application Paper 4 5 Full Pages About A Speech

  The prompt:-

    Select a speech ofyour choosing.  It can be something youfind on YouTube or any other place online. It should not be a comedy act or a character monologue.  It can be a political speech, a persuasivespeech, or a special occasion speech, among others.  The speech should be a minimum of fiveminutes, but longer would give you more material to work with.  You will then analyze the speech using thespeech chapters in your textbook, as well as concepts from other chapters suchas the Nonverbal Communication chapter. Your analysis should be between 3-5 pages and should include the link tothe speech in your references.

Essay Requirement:-

MLA format

Double spaced

12-Font Times Roman

No plagiarism 

proofread and please read the prompt carefully no mistakes!!

the book name is (Real Communication Introduction third edition) 


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