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Az Constitution Class Part 2

Decide on a topic which you believe is of criticalimportance to the future of Arizona, as well as being a topic which youwould like to research and discuss.

Post your initial comments in the Current Issues forum established for this lesson.

Post your response to at least one other student’s initial statement regarding a critical issue for Arizona.

Thenreply to at least one other student’s response to your initial criticalissue statement. If students do not respond to your comments, then ofcourse you will be unable to respond to them.

Feel free to extendyour discussion beyond the minimum requirement. I will be monitoringthis activity and will join in the discussion as well as post my owncritical concerns. If you wish to provide detailed information and/orwebsite locations that you think are important, please do so. The onlyrestrictions are that you be civil in your statements and refrain frompersonal attacks on each other. If you feel the need to attackpoliticians, that’s your prerogative.

For notes regarding this assignment which require your attention, please click here to return to Module 8, Lesson 6.

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