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Can You Please Help Me 5

You will be given an application code to analyzedifferent aspects of security each week and simulate the process ofsecuring software for production release.

Click here to access the code.

The code contained in the file is a webapplication that enables the users to view a list of online pets foradoption. To view the available list, users need to first register andthen log on to the application.

This week, you will familiarize yourselfwith the code and begin to identify security issues. You can load theHTML page in a browser to help explore the potential entry points of thesoftware. Analyze and create a report in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Worddocument addressing the following:

  • Create a map of thesoftware components and how they interact (using Microsoft Visio orMicrosoft Canvas). Include appropriate labels and interactions for thedifferent components.
  • Describe thefunctionality of the software and list the entry points for users tointeract with the software (these will also be the primary entry pointsfor an attacker).
  • Describe severalpotential ways in which attackers could compromise the software systemand what they could do with the access they gain.
  • Identify a preliminary set of defense measures that can be taken for this software system.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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