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Case Study Descriptive Script Answer Questions With At Least One Paragraph

Case Study Descriptive Script 

Okay, so you want to know what is going on with me… well… as you know, I am here‘cause I got caught drinking and driving. I don’t think that I need to be here, butwhatever. So, let’s see. I got laid off by my job three months ago because there was nomore work. Construction is a tough life, but I’ve always been able to find other work.This time, it is much harder for me. NOW, my license has been suspended for sixmonths, so I can’t drive. I don’t know how I’ll look for work now. Oh yeah, my girlfriendjust told me that she thinks she’s pregnant. That’s cool, right? Except, I have no ideahow we’ll pay the bills. To be honest, we will probably be homeless by the end of themonth. I got no money, no work, and a baby coming. Wouldn’t that make you drink?”

What needs to be done

In this scenario, assume that you are the case manager listening carefully to the content of his narrative. Respond to the questions below as if you are his case manager. Your response will be graded, so be sure to write at least a paragraph response to each question below.

  1. Identify the major needs that the client requires to be able to attend treatment.
  2. Prioritize those needs: immediate, near future, future. Explain why you prioritized the needs as you did.
  3. Reflect on some of the potential ethical problems that could arise while working with this client.
  4. Use 211.org or some other database to find at least two different referral sources in your community that would meet the client’s needs. Explain the basic services that each of these agencies/centers provides. Add the website of the referral source to your response.

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