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Childcare Class Paper 14

PALS DayCareInfant Toys & Games   

watch this video on you tube. Then answer thesequestion.

Content Expectations/Content Criteria

Observation Summary: Summarize your observationsfrom the Palsdaycare (2010) video.

Developmental Stages and Domains : Based on yourobservations, explain the stages and domains of development, including physicaland motor development, social-emotional development, self-help development,cognitive development, and language development.

Typical Development : Discuss any concerns withthe typical development that you observed in the infant.

Development Support Strategies: Based on yourobservation and your desired professional role, explain how you might supportthis stage with developmentally appropriate practices. In addition, explainwhat elements your environment might include.

Written Communication Expectations

Page Requirement: Two to three pages, excludingthe title and reference pages.

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