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Childcare Class Question 111

The goal of this discussion board is to apply the principles of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model to a specific family. You may choose your family, a friend, or a sibling.

First, briefly describe the family. Think in terms of who, what, when, where, why. Next, think about each level of Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Model and apply it to the family. Name the level and then give an example of something impacting this family that fits the level of the theory.

The sample family for this assignment is the Inman family. It consists of a mother, father and two young children. In fact, baby Henry was just born last week. The new baby has had a big impact on this family. Here are some examples:

Microsystem – Sleep arrangements in the household have changed. Finn moved to his own room so that the new baby could have the nursery that is attached to the parents’ room.

Mesosystem – Childcare arrangements are changing in the family, too. For the next few weeks, Finn, the eldest son, will not get picked up from preschool by mom, but rather by grandma who will keep him for a few extra hours in the afternoon.

Exosystem – The family is facing financial changes because Summer, the mother, will be home without pay for a few weeks.

Macrosystem – Summer had to make decisions about breast or bottle feeding, working away from the home or at home, and whose insurance will cover the new baby.

This is the type of thinking you should do about the family. Ensure that you are considering the issues that they face, and the dynamics that make up the family related to the Ecological Model. Remember that the family does not have to have been through a big event. You can just describe the family using descriptors from the nested rings of the theory.

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In addition to examining the many issues, people, life experiences, and external factors that impact a family, let’s develop a plan to support this family. Locate at least two local or national community resources that would benefit this specific family.

For each resource, include the following information:

  • Name of agency
  • Contact information – phone, address, contact person (if available)
  • Website (if available)
  • Summary of services offered from this organization

Here are some suggestions of types of resources you might find. You can include any of these, or others that you find to truly support this family:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Education
  • Child Advocacy/Child Protection
  • Medical Care
  • Parent Education

Also, please know that you can find services for a family that is not having any difficulty.

Examples of these would be sports activities for children, continuing education, or community happenings.

250 words  no copying

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