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Childcare Class Question 97

 choose one of the following topics to address: physical space, routines and transitions, or social context. Write a response to the following questions: 

What must you consider about your chosen topic when working to prevent challenging behaviors in young children? How will you promote prevention in your classroom? need 300 words


a teaching strategy for preventing challenging behavior in the classroom.(Respect children and try to understand their behavior. It is important to talk with children who are misbehaving to see why they are acting out or if there is another issue bothering them. Remember, everything may not always be as simple as it seems. If their behavior could talk, what would it be saying?)
Write a response to the following questions: 

How will you use your selected strategy to support all of your students, including those with challenging behavior, from diverse cultures, and children with varying abilities? Provide a brief lesson plan or activity as an example. Make sure to cite your text within your response.  need 300 words

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