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Civil Engineering I Did The Project But It Needs Something To Add

Cccc.docx < this is what i did 

u00d8u00b1u00d8u00a7u00d8u00b3 u00d8u00a7u00d9u201eu00d8u00b2u00d9u201a.pdf  < this is the instruction and please fill the first sheet please.

i have finial project. It is about choose factory going to build it in Montgomery county in Maryland for example: (car factory, desalination, brick factory…) . 

I got this informations about the county and the coverages in the file. what you have to do is add the factory that we should build it and make sure that you name the factory and say why did you choose this factory.. and say where you going to build this factory in that county and add photo for the place that you ging to build the factory in it and say why did you choose this place.. and match the reasons by the each coverage. 

if u have any question or if u didn’t understand it just ask me please

thank you ..

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