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Conflict Resolution Writing Assignment 1

Although we hope teams will naturally work well together, conflict is a common element of human relationships. In order to manage the emotions involved with a conflict and prevent relationships from breaking down, it is important to have a process for resolving the conflict. This process is often called a conflict resolution policy or a team covenant.

The best conflict resolution plans create a procedure that focuses on restoring relationships, addressing the emotions involved, and working out the issue without involving management, if possible. The goal is to resolve conflict informally, which creates an environment where people feel encouraged and supported, even when they face a conflict!

The policy should never be about punishment or consequences. Instead, it should give everyone a safe way to work through a problem without hurting anyone involved.


Create a conflict resolution policy that you will use when you’re leading a team. This policy should include:o Multiple steps that allow conflict to be addressed privately first,

followed by guidelines for enlisting help from others if necessary. o A positive process that focuses on restoring relationships. (In other

words, the policy doesn’t involve consequences. It only provides

additional methods of support.)o A chance for the people involved to express their emotions about

the issue without being accusatory or placing blame on others.


o Submit your conflict resolution policy using a method that works best for you. You can create a Keynote presentation, make a video using iMovie, write a poem, make a podcast; the possibilities are endless. You can even create cartoons using goanimate.com. It’s up to you!

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