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Consumer Purchase Behavior

Support your answers with examplesand research and cite your research using the APA format.

Consumer Purchase Behavior

You are the business manager of atrendy hairstyle shop in downtown Chicago. As a manager, you are in charge ofpayrolls, paying the bills, hiring and firing, purchasing, training, andcustomer service. You provide a luxury service, and your average customer hasdifferent demographics from the rest of the population in the city.

Due to recent competitivedevelopments, you feel the need to learn more about your customers; youspecifically want to know how they choose your services over that of thecompetition. You are aware of the steps in the modeland are determined to analyze them in detail.

On the basis of the given scenario,answer the following questions.

  • Using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model as a backdrop,with an eye on the consumer Purchase Behavior Model, determine the realmotivations behind the use of the service provided by you.
  • Evaluate an additional social and cultural factor thatwill help you to analyze your customers’ behavior.
  • What service criteria do you think your customers useto select the type of service you offer? Explain your answer using anexample to illustrate your point.
  • Assess methods (think about the entire marketing mix)that might be useful to encourage loyalty among existing customers.

Justify your choices with validassumptions and logically driven arguments. Cite sources using APA format.

Submit your responses to the abovequestions in 700–800 words.

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