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Counseling Theories And Practice

Topic :Counseling: Theories and Practice 

Counseling: Theories and Practice (4 credits, liberal, advanced) (in substance abuse)

This is the topic and it is from a counselor or class view. This assignment is written as you are the first party so for example ( I learned different ways of theories and practices in counseling in class today). So it should sound like I wrote it.  Then have 3-4 sections (each with its own heading) that might mirror the major topics in the field. For each of the sections, you can write a few paragraphs about what you know about them (not what you’ve done, but what you know–any theories, what’s important, etc.). Treatment 

Please do not site or use any references because its suppose to sound like something I learned in CASAC-T class.

This paper can be 3-5 pages long and you can start with this first paragraph below

I would like to obtain prior learning credits for having my CASAC T. The topic which I’m going to write about in this essay is entitled Counseling: Theories and Practice (4 credits, liberal, advanced). In 2009 I attended outreach training institute located at 117-11 Myrtle Ave, Richmond Hill NY, 11418. Throughout the 11 month duration, I completed 350 hours training to obtain my CASAC T.  While attending the CASAC T training we explored many useful topics but the topic in which we are going to discuss is

Counseling: Theories and Practice. We also participated in many hands on activities, which will be beneficial while working in the field of substance abuse.

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