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Discussion State The Purpose Of The Reading And Cite The Thesis Stateme

discussion two paragraphs MLA format (directions below)

Twain, Mark. “The Damned Human Race.” Moodyap.pbworks.com. n.d. Web. 11 May 2012.

In your discussion, state the purpose of the reading and cite the thesis statement (if applicable). If there is no explicit thesis, state the reading’s claim. Then, lay out the structure of the reading to the class, and let the class know if this structure is organized and logical (you may claim that it is not organized – it’s up to you). Let the reader know how this method of organization helps or does not help the author’s purpose. Then, discuss the style of writing – does the style help the author prove his/her point? Finally, study the introduction and conclusion of your chosen reading. Explain how the author ‘hooks’ the reader in, or, conversely, if the introduction is not strong, explain why. Discuss the conclusion of the essay as well, and point out its strengths and weaknesses. Please answer these questions fully in your response (use thoughtful sentences). It must include MLA citations – both in-text and an end citation. Please also respond to two of your classmates’ initial posts (students who have discussed different essays) and bring together pieces of the discussion and take those ideas further.

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