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Emergency Management Federal Emergency Management Agency

Changes WithinFEMA

  1. Select ONE of the topics listed below and write a 2-pageAPA paper with abstract page.
  2. You must include a minimum of two references, no Wikipedia.


The decisionto move the Federal Emergency Management Agency into the Department of HomelandSecurity changed the dynamics of emergency management, including the functionand focus of FEMA, the interactions between the nations lead emergency managerand the President, among other changes.  On one side, there is the feeling thatincorporating FEMA into DHS has helped to concentrate the agencies dealing withhazard and risk under one roof, thereby eliminating some of the problems thatoccurred on September 11th.  On the other side is the argument that insertingFEMA into DHS has severely weakened the ability of FEMA to perform its requiredfunction.  Use this forum to state your opinion on whether or not you think FEMAbelongs in DHS, or whether it should be returned to Cabinet-level status, andsupport your answer with examples (hypothetical or actual).


FEMAAdministrator Craig Fugate has made several significant changes to the way inwhich FEMA operates, which are intended to trickle down to the State and locallevels.  Examples include the Whole Community concept, a greater use of socialmedia, and a move back towards the All-Hazards Emergency Management approach. State your impressions of Administrator Fugate’s tenure at FEMA, and giveexamples to support your statements.

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