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English Homework Help 2

Health questions – 1

  • 1.The federal government developed Healthy People as a set of nationalhealth objectives that are periodically evaluated to measure progress inthe nation’s health goals and healthcare services. HP 2020 has arenewed focus on identifying, measuring, tracking, and reducing healthdisparities through a determinants-of-health approach.

    Thisweek, please briefly discuss a Healthy People 2020 objective under thetopic area of your choice. Go to www.healthypeople.gov and select anyone of the objectives under the topic area of your interest. Using thelocal, national, or international news, describe actions you, as acommunity health nurse, could take in formulating policy changes to helppromote the objective you have selected. Cite references to supportyour views.

    2.Healthy People 2020 identified four Foundation Health Measures (FHM)that reflect the major health concerns in the United States. The thirdFHM is Determinants of Health. The description of Determinants of Health is:

    “Arange of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors thatinfluence health status are known as determinants of health.Determinants of health include such things as biology, genetics,individual behavior, access to health services, and the environment inwhich people are born, live, learn, play, work, and age” (U.S.Department of Health and Human Services, n.d., About Determinants ofHealth section, para. 1).

    Go to the “Learn More About Determinants of Health” ( http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/about/DOHAbout.aspx )and choose one of the five Determinants of Health that you feel is mostimportant for community health. In your posting, share the determinantof health and the ratio

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