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English Question 3

1.) How can personal interests help someone generate a research topic?
1. It’s easier to write about a topic when someone already has expert knowledge of the subject matter.
 2.Topics that are of great personal interest to a writer are more engaging for his or her peers.
 3.People tend to be naturally curious about topics that interest them; this helps to motivate them as they research.
 4.A writer’s curiosity about his or her personal interests might inspire questions about the history or development of that interest.

2.)  What is one brainstorming technique that can help you find possible research topics?
 1.Use a search engine to look up the keyword “research paper topics.”
2. Go to Wikipedia and browse through articles about topics that interest you.
 3.Brainstorm controversial issues and write down your position on each one.
 4.Find newspaper articles that address currents events in which you are interested

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