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A . Anunclear antecedent, a very common grammatical error, leads to confusion,because the reader isn’t sure what a pronoun is referring to. 

When you use a pronoun to refer to anoun earlier in the sentence, or sometimes in a previous sentence, you mustensure that the right pronoun is used. Sometimes, a pronoun is used to referback to a noun which is not even provided. 

1 . A poem can teach us more thanwhat works in poetry; they can alert us to how punctuation helps writerscreate a character’s voice.  ANSWERS – ?

2. Justin claims that many peoplethink that poetry is going to get easier if they study it for months, but heis wrong. ANSWERS – ?

3. Jill told Jack not to hold hisbreath and she picked it up and went up the hill. ANSWERS – ?

· Options: A: incorrent prnoun

· Options: B: Missing Antecedent

· Options: C: Vague Antecedent

B. Which ofthe following sentences require a comma before the “but”?

1. Enjambmentis a poetic technique but the effect can be created in prose by using aperiodic sentence. ANSWERS – ?

2. She wastired but relieved.  ANSWERS – ?

  3. Caesuras are used to create pausesin lines of poetry but integrating pauses into prose paragraphs can bedifficult.  ANSWERS – ?

· Options:A : Comma- the word after “but” from an independent clause

· Options:B : the word after “but” do not from an independent clause


C. Which conjunctive adverb works best for the following:

Jack really doesn’t like poetry,but he knows that reading the poem carefully before listening to lecture is areally good idea; ___________, he didn’t bother

· Options: A : sadly

· Options: B : reluctantly

· Options: C : therefore

D. Two independent clauses can be joined using aconjunctive adverb preceded by a semi-colon and followed by a comma. It isimportant that the adverb provides a logical connection. 

Which conjunctive adverb is the best choice for the following:

He always seems to win any argument heenters into, which is very discouraging; ____________, I won that day.

· Options: A : but

· Options: B : nevertheless

· Options: C : however

E. Two independent clauses can also be joint through parataxis; use asemicolon without a CoCO FANBOY or an conjunctive adverb. 

Two independent clauses joined witha semi-colon and conjunctive adverb: Poetry can stimulated our imaginations andhelp us think more creatively about punctuation; therefore, it is worthwhile tomake an effort even if the poem is difficult. 

NOTE: a comma follows theconjunctive adverb. For a list of the most common conjunctive adverbs, see theHandbook section of Writing with Style.

Two independent clauses joinedthrough parataxis:  The night is dark; the shadows loom. 

When using parataxis in an essay orother writing requiring clarity, the relationship between the two independentclauses must be evident. However, in “creative” writing, like in theexample from Jacob’s Room in the Novel Beginnings reading, therelationship is not clear, so we as readers must make the connections throughactive reading and critical thinking. 

Are the following sentences examplesof parataxis? 

1. He arguedthat creating a solid thesis is important; unfortunately, she disagreed. Yes or NO ?

2. He stood upon the brink; however, he knewnot what to do. Yes or NO ?

3. The Duke’sego is monumental; he’s such a jerk. Yes or No ?

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