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Geology Discussion Research 2

1.  Select one of the following questions toresearch the answer on the Internet.  Research sources of information onthe Web can include, but not limited to, books, articles, videos, and handouts.

 -What is Walther’sLaw of Succession of Facies?  Be prepared to explain how it works andwhy it is a critical concept for stratigaphers.  (You’ll first want toknow what a facies is.)

 -What is a lithofacies map? Compare this to a geologic map.

-What are transgressionsand regresions?  How do these related to the above questions?

-What is therelationship between a straigraphic column and a facies map?

2. State the questionyou selected to research.

 Post a synopsis,based on the results of your research.

State the question(s)research.

Explain briefly thesignificance of the knowledge you learned from the research on historicalgeology.

*half a page*

Cite the referencesource(s) of the research.

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